[linux-dvb] Asus My Cinema U3000 Mini

Sid Gale sid at the-gales.com
Wed Jan 7 10:40:56 CET 2009

Albert Comerma wrote:
> Just more questions... the v4l driver was already supplied on the kernel 
> or you downloaded it and compile?
> It should not take so much time to get a channel... In other drivers 
> there was some GPIO problems, but I never got anything similar with this 
> card (at least nobody told me)...
> You can try to load the dvb-core module with a specified timeout in 
> parameter: dvb_override_tune_delay:0: normal (default), >0 => delay in 
> milliseconds to wait for lock after a tune attempt (int)
> Since you're a beginner in linux you should; first connect your card,
> then as root unload the modules used by your card (order is important);
>  sudo rmmod dvb_usb_dib0700 dib7000p dib7000m dib3000mc dib0070 dvb_usb 
> dvb_core
> If you want you can get a list on the used modules and dependences 
> between them running; lsmod | grep dvb
> Then you need to reload the modules in opposite order adding the parameter;
> sudo modprobe dvb_core dvb_override_tune_delay=10000
> You should see the new parameter on 
> /sys/module/dvb_core/parameters/dvb_override_tune_delay
> And now you have to finish loadding the other modules one by one; sudo 
> modprobe dvb_usb... sudo modprobe dib0070...

Hi Albert

Thanks for the response. I tried changing the tune delay as you 
described, but it made no difference. The first filter timeout message 
appeared after about 5 seconds, just like before, so it looks as though 
it isn't a tuning timeout that's the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions, though.



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