[linux-dvb] MC44S803 frontend (it works)

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Fri Jan 9 19:22:45 CET 2009

Jochen Friedrich wrote:
> Hi Roberto,
>>> Thank you all for this good work. Any ideas as to when will these files hit 
>>> the mercurial repos at linuxtv.org?
>> That is not under my control.
>> I hope someone will route this driver into official trees.
> As the tuner driver currently is only used with AF9015 frontends, I hope Antti will pick this one up.
> I can resubmit with a Signed-off-by if required.

Could you explain for changes af9015_i2c_xfer() done? Is it for case I2C 
READ coming from MC44S803 but tuner does not implement read at all? Is 
it really needed?

Maybe I can move MC44S803 and needed AF9015 changes to my devel tree at 
linuxtv.org... But that does not change problem that tuner is not still 
in v4l-dvb-master nor coming for Kernel before Manu will pull it.

>> I can also add that additional tests on VHF frequencies
>> have been successful too.
> Cool.
> Thanks,
> Jochen


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