[linux-dvb] MC44S803 frontend (it works)

Jochen Friedrich jochen at scram.de
Sat Jan 10 11:17:35 CET 2009

Hi Antti,

> Could you explain for changes af9015_i2c_xfer() done? Is it for case I2C 
> READ coming from MC44S803 but tuner does not implement read at all? Is 
> it really needed?

Yes. Currently, MC44S803 uses a READ in mc44s80x_get_devid() to check the ID register.
According to the spec from freescale, a READ needs to be a seperate I2c transaction,
because the STOP bit is used to latch the address registers. That's the reason why a
dedicated READ support is needed (most other tuners use a WRITE / READ combined I2c
transaction instead).

> Maybe I can move MC44S803 and needed AF9015 changes to my devel tree at 
> linuxtv.org... But that does not change problem that tuner is not still 
> in v4l-dvb-master nor coming for Kernel before Manu will pull it.

Unfortunately, i didn't see any comments from Manu yet...


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