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Uri Shkolnik urishk at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 14:04:12 CET 2009

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> Subject: Re: Introduction
> To: "Uri Shkolnik" <urishk at yahoo.com>
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> Date: Monday, January 12, 2009, 7:25 PM
> On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 07:33:19 -0800 (PST)
> Uri Shkolnik <urishk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Mauro,
> >  
> > My name is Uri Shkolnik, I work at Siano Mobile
> Silicon as a software architect.
> >  
> > I tried to get in touch with you lately, but I had
> probably used the wrong email address, so forgive me for
> contacting by replying to a post of yours to the one of the
> LinuxTV mailing lists...
> No problem, but I suspect you're suffering some
> troubles on your anti-spam
> filters. I've already answered to you twice on your
> previous emails, from my
> infradead.org account.

[Uri S.] infradead.org has been added to our "trusted" domains list, hope it'll solve the problem. 

> > Siano develops DTV chip-sets (multi-standards,
> multi-interfaces) which are used by Siano's many
> customers and partners.
> > Couple of years ago, our Linux support was minimal,
> but that situation has changed, and proximately a year ago,
> we started to get more an more demand for Linux kernel
> support, and we started to offer a minimal set of drivers.
> >  
> > At the beginning, we used the excellent services given
> to us by Michael Krufky, and actually everything we want to
> publish went through him.
> >  
> > Recently, the number of Siano-based Linux projects and
> products increased significantly. 
> >  
> > With the fast growing number of customers and
> projects, the number of additional interfaces, DTV standards
> and changes fast growth we needed a different approach.
> >  
> > On mid-November, we took the second approach which is
> suggested at the README.patches file, and submitted the
> patches to the linux-dvb mailing list, till today, except
> some people who took those patches and apply them locally on
> their systems, nothing has been done with those patches, and
> the main mercurial tree has not been updated with them.
> The current way we work is that we have some driver
> maintainers. The driver
> maintainer is responsible for picking the patch at the
> mailing lists and apply
> on their trees, after their review. They then ask me to
> pull from your trees.
> This year, we've made one change: now, the patches
> should be sent to
> linux-media at vger.kernel.org. This mailing list is monitored
> by a robot that
> picks the patches and add they at a database. the database
> can be accessed
> publicly via http://patchwork.kernel.org. This way, people
> can check each
> patches. This will also help me to have more control of
> patches that were lost
> in the mailing lists.
> From my view, as the subsystem maintainer, I prefer to get
> the patches directly
> from the manufacturer, of course provided that the
> manufacturer actively
> maintains the driver and understands the development model
> used on Kernel.

> > The current state is that a huge gap has been opened
> between the LinuxTV repository (and from it to the Linux
> kernel git) offering and what we have at Siano.
> >  
> > We would like to close this gap ASAP and maintain an
> on-going, easy synchronizing process.
> >  
> > It seems that the best method to archive this goal is
> to have maintainer permissions on media/dvb/siano directory.
> There are two ways for us to work to archive the goal to
> minimize the gap:
> 1) you may send the patches via
> linux-media at vger.kernel.org, c/c me on they;

[Uri S.] I'm attaching to this email an archive of patches.
(!) Note: Regarding the GPIO implementation that is currently in Mercurial tree, there are logical errors embedded in it, which may cause system (SMS chip-set) failure.
(!) Michael - Please modify the new sms-cards.c (Tiger related) code to reflect the wanted I/O behavior after the attached patches will be committed.

I'll also email the patches one by one to linux-media at vger.kernel.org, in clear text, so the robot will process them.

> 2) you may create a Mercurial tree for you. From time to
> time, you sync your
> tree with the development one, add your patches there and
> ask me to pull. It
> would be better if you could host the tree on some site
> from you. If you can't
> do it, we may create you an account at linuxtv.org.

[Uri S.] I created ("clone") the tree locally, but to have an external access to it will demand very long work with our IT department. It'll be much simpler to create an account at Linuxtv.org.

> If the volume of updates by month is not big, (1) may work
> better. It also
> allows a better patch review from the community, so, it is
> currently the
> preferred way.

[Uri S.] Please note that my selfish convenient points to the Mercurial tree option, with it I can mirror any commit to the Siano's SVN repository with a matching commit to the Mercurial repository, and use the hg, hgview, hgtk and other tools to monitor with ease the changes history (and even write the SVN commit's number in the Mercurial and vice versa). But again, I can manage everything (with auxiliary spreadsheet, and a little more effort) using the commits-by-emails method.

Anyway, I'll take your lead regarding it, please let me know which method should be used.

> Michael,
> Please let me know if you have any objections on having the
> Siano developers
> sending us their patches directly.
> -- 
> Cheers,
> Mauro
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Thanks for your help
Best regard,


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