[linux-dvb] MC44S803 frontend (it works, please merge)

Roberto Ragusa mail at robertoragusa.it
Tue Jan 13 21:43:17 CET 2009

Detlef Rohde wrote:
> Hi again,
> I wonder if there is any progress including/merging the frontend-driver 
> MC44S803 i.o. to get my Cinergy T USB XE running under Linux? Currently 
> I can use it on a WXP-VM, but I guess it's not the best solution making 
> this detour..

I'm even more impatient than you.

Why is it so difficult to merge a little and isolated piece of code which
has been reported as both working and useful?

I don't know how many trees this code has to be propagated through,
but I'm afraid it will be a long time before I see support for this
hardware in a stock Fedora kernel. Maybe the hardware could be
considered obsolete by then.

Isn't one of the expected advantages of the free software +
public mailing lists + user testing + git repositories
model to have a fast pace of development?

Waiting and hoping.
   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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