[linux-dvb] Problem with video4linux

O&M Ugarcina mo.ucina at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 00:08:14 CET 2009

Hello Mauro,

After using the mythtv setup for a few days now with kernel and v4l modules from 2009-01-06 as well as 
2009-01-16 I have noticed some problems with sound . I use exclusively 
optical spdiff passthrough from my motherboard asus 5b (intel chips for 
audio) to the AV Receiver for audio . And with either of those two v4l 
sources are installed I start getting no audio on the spdif . Without 
them , using the dvb support that comes with the kernel all is ok . 
Maybe it could be related to that ALSA issue ? Could you please tell me 
which svn pull of the v4l source the kernel comes 
with ? In the last six months there have been a lot of changes to the 
dvbs api , and knowing what the kernel comes with would help me compile 
additional sw that I need for my myth box . Otherwise it involves a lot 
of trial and error .

Best Regards


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