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Tomas Drajsajtl linux-dvb at drajsajtl.cz
Tue Jan 20 17:00:41 CET 2009

Hi Devin,
your numbers say something but not everything if you don't compare the date
of the user's subscription. I am new to the forum for about 2 months and
when I was able to help or offer something I did it. Especially for some
questions about some chipsets I could have interesting answers when
neccessary. But I will not spent more time to delete several e-mails about
analog, webcams etc. where I have no knowledge or interest.

It's possible that it will be better in average, who knows, but not in all
cases. The remaining time when linux-dvb is alive I am there. I wish you
easier work with linux-media. But without me.

Have a nice day,

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> I spent the morning giving some consideration to the comments people
> made regarding the merging of the mailing lists.  As with most
> attempts at an optimization, there are cases that get more efficient
> and cases that get less efficient.  If done properly, the important
> cases improve in efficiency while the cases that are less critical end
> up a little less efficient.
> Clearly, there are two classes of users on the mailing lists:  those
> who read it and those who read it *and* actively contribute to it.
> One of the key goals behind merging the lists was to make it more
> efficient for those who have to reply to emails to not have to deal
> with duplicated content, since in reality a large portion of the
> emails come from people who want their device to work, and don't even
> know the differences between acronyms like ATSC, QAM, DVB-T, DVB-C,
> analog, etc.
> Looking at the people who have responded to this thread, and the
> number of threads they have actually contributed on in the last year,
> the disparity is obvious:
> People "in favor" of the lists being merged
> 118 Patrick Boettcher
> 205 Hans Verkuil
> 38 Mike Isely
> 196 Devin Heitmueller
> "hundreds" Mauro Carvalho Chehab
> People "against" of the lists being merged
> 2 Lars Hanisch
> 17 user.vdr
> 16 Klaus Schmidinger
> 2 Bob Cunningham
> 10 Tomas Drajsajtl
> 17 Ales Jurik
> Yup, it's the developers who are posting on a regular basis who feel
> the pain of the two different lists.  It's the people who are actively
> replying to issues, dealing with problems, and trying to keep track of
> it all who want the lists merged.  That said, I personally don't feel
> any guilt in inconveniencing a few users who are not contributing if
> it makes it easier for the people who contribute to the list on a
> daily basis.
> I would love to hear more from people who have contributed to more
> than 20 threads who think having the two lists are a good idea.  I
> doubt there will be many of them.
> I was also giving some thought to the notion of a having separate
> lists for users versus developers.  While this works in some
> communities, I am not confident it would be appropriate for ours.
> Why?  Because the notion of a "users" list is only useful in cases
> where you have a large pool of users who are willing to answer
> questions for others.  Look at the back history of the v4l and
> linux-dvb lists, and that is nowhere to be found (aside from a few
> people like CityK).  The vast majority of questions are answered by a
> handful of developers, and it is no more convenient for those
> developers to have separate lists.  In fact, it's less convenient
> since it results in the developers being required to watch both lists.
>  Think of all the projects where the "-dev" list is high traffic, but
> almost all of the traffic on the "-users" list goes unanswered.
> Do you want a separate users list and you're not a developer?  If so,
> volunteer to help out by answering other people's emails if you know
> the answer.  CityK is a shining example of this - every email he
> answers about one of the devices I did the driver for is an email I
> don't have to answer myself, which allows me to spend more time
> writing drivers.  If we see lots of users helping each other out by
> answering the questions of other users, only then will I see a
> "-users" list as a sustainable idea that is worth pursuing.
> Devin
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