[linux-dvb] Which firmware for cx23885 and xc3028?

Wayne and Holly wayneandholly at alice.it
Fri Jan 23 18:01:08 CET 2009

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> Subject: [linux-dvb] Which firmware for cx23885 and xc3028?
> I am trying to make an AverMedia AverTV Hybrid Express (A577) 
> work under Linux. It seems all major chips (cx23885, xc3028 
> and af9013) are already supported, so it should be doable in 
> principle.
> I am stuck a little bit since AFAIK both cx23885 and xc3028 
> need an uploadable firmware. Where should I download/extract 
> such firmware from? I tried Steven Toth's repo (the Hauppauge 
> HVR-1400 seems to be built around these chips as well) but 
> even after copying the files under /lib/firmware it didn't 
> really work. I tried to specify different cardtypes for the 
> cx23885 module. For cardtype=2 I got a /dev/video0 and a 
> /dev/video1 (the latter is of course unusable, I don't have a 
> MPEG encoder chip on my card) but tuning was unsuccesful. All 
> the other types I tried either didn't work at all or only 
> resulted in dvb devices detected. For the moment, I am fine 
> without DVB, and are interested mainly in analog devices.
> Maybe I should locate the windows driver of my card and 
> extract the firmware files from it? If so, how do I proceed?
> Thanks in advance!
> Levente

Have you followed these instructions?:


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