[linux-dvb] Upcoming DVB-T channel changes for HH (Hamburg)

Tobias Stöber tobi at to-st.de
Fri Jan 23 21:26:31 CET 2009

Well, just have to send this message again, this time to the right & 
correct mailing list linux-dvb at linuxtv.org. (Who by the way had the 
insane idea, to set a reply-to address to another mailing list 
(linux-media at vger.kernel.org)? I've never seen such behavior in other 
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Moin, moin (as people say in Northern Germany) :)

BOUWSMA Barry schrieb:
> I've just learned that effective 24.Feb, there will be a change
> made to the channel assignment in the area of Hamburg.
> This is due to the fact that one existing multiplex is found
> within the VHF band, which is in the process of being cleared
> of DVB-T services, moving them to assigned UHF channels, in
> order to free the VHF band for radio services (DAB/DAB+ and
> family).
> Several other areas, such as Bayern, currently make use of
> VHF frequencies at several transmitter sites.  I am not yet
> aware of what plans exist to change these frequencies...

As for certain area in Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia there ahve
never been VHF channels in use. Tis applies normally only to area from
the first stage of the German DVB-T project.

Lower Saxony has recently (November 2008) cleared several channels, like
in my area (Brunswick), where there had been an ARD Mux on Ch 8. Now  it
  is on Ch 47.

> The following diff will add the newly assigned frequency,
> and remove the old one, with an effective date of 24.Feb.
> The particular modulation parameters are not confirmed, so
> I've had to guess based on existing values used elsewhere
> in the NDR coverage area as well as what generally is used
> throughout germany.

Information for the whole NDR area will normally be found at

There is a complete listing including parameters from "in area" and also
"out of area" (but with reception in the area) transmitters at


So have a look ;)

Best regards, Tobias

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