[linux-dvb] Help request

Paul Kelly pksings at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 04:52:11 CET 2009

        I have a DVICO dual express FusionHDTV7 card that I purchased
        about a
        year ago. In that year I have not been able to get both tuners
        recognized by linux. I only have a few minutes here and there to
        work on
        it and I have googled and followed every thread I can find, I
        downloaded the v4l tree several times and compiled it, most of
        time it
        has compiled successfully and does in fact seem to enable one
        tuner. The
        newer firmware seems to load successfully. Mythtv successfully
        found the
        one tuner. I have read posts stating that they are using both
        tuners and
        would like some assistance in getting both of mine to work.
        I will happily provide whatever is requested to assist in
        Thank you very much in advance.
        Paul Kelly 

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