[linux-dvb] Leadtek WinFast PxDVR3200 H

stev391 at email.com stev391 at email.com
Sun Jan 25 12:27:37 CET 2009

> Hello list,
> I have a Leadtek WinFast PxDVR3200 H that I am attempting to utilise with
> MythTV.  The Wiki site states that experimental support exists for the DVB
> side and that "Successful tuning of typical Australian channels" has been
> achieved.
> I am able to create a channels.conf (attached) using scan, and am then able
> to tune using mythtv-setup, however none of these channels are viewable with
> the mythfrontend due to it being unable to gain a lock.
> Relevant bits and pieces:
> scan, using the latest it-Varese file scan is able to tune to three of the
> five transponders as per the attached file "scan".  It also scans on
> 800000000Hz but I have no idea why.
> The file leadtek.dmesg contains the relevant info from dmesg (and
> messages.log) regarding the initialisation of the card itself.  There are no
> error messages at any time (that I am aware of) despite all of my fiddling
> about.
> Of the three transponders that are in my channels.conf file, the third one
> (618000000Hz) causes an error when tuning in mythtv-setup.  It states that
> channels are found but the tsid is incorrect.  As such, only the first two
> successful transponders (706000000 and 602000000) are tuned by myth.
> When I attempt to view the tuned channels, myth is unable to gain a lock on
> any of them.  The reported signal strength is about 58% and the S/N varies
> between 3 and 3.8dB.  I am able to tune DVB-T channels on my TV using the
> same aerial cable but am wondering if signal strength is an issue.
> I am running it on Kubuntu with a 2.6.24-19 kernel, I have a recent version
> of the v4l-dvb tree (approx Nov 08) and am using firmware version 2.7.  I
> haven't updated the drivers or the firmware as I have no reason to believe
> there are changes that would effect this.  That said, if someone thinks
> there has been changes I will get straight on it.
> I am more than happy to provide more debugging info if required (if you are
> willing to tell me where else to look) and appreciate any help provided.
> Cheers
> Wayne


Can you load the cx23885 and tuner_xc2028 module with debug enabled and provide the dmesg output.

You can do this by putting the following lines in /etc/modprobe.d/options
options tuner_xc2028 debug=1
options cx23885 debug=1

Can you split the dmesg output into the following sections:
1) Initial boot up or first module load
2) First access of the card for tuning/scanning
3) while scanning for channels with scan-dvb
4) while scanning for channels with MythTV
5) while trying to tune channels with MythTV

Have you tried to watch TV with xine or other non-MythTV programs? (at one stage I did have a problem with MythTV but it worked in gxine).



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