[linux-dvb] How to use scan-s2?

Darron Broad darron at kewl.org
Mon Jan 26 18:32:31 CET 2009

In message <c74595dc0901260753x8b9185fu33f2a96ffbe13016 at mail.gmail.com>, Alex Betis wrote:


>The bug is in S2API that doesn't return ANY error message at all :)
>So the tuner is left locked on previous channel.
>There are many things that can be done in driver to improve the situation,
>but I'll leave it to someone who has card with cx24116 chips.

When tuning the event status should change to 0 and if
it stays that way the tuning operation failed.

If you read the frontend status directly then you will
retrieve the state of the previous tuning operation
that suceeded. 

If this the above is not true then it needs investigation.


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