[linux-dvb] IXIX UsbTV2

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 20:20:41 CET 2009

On Mon, 26 Jan 2009, Marco Bertorello wrote:

> have somebody used succesfully this device [1] on GNU/Linux?
> I've tried out on a ubuntu intrepid and seems that it was recognized
> by kernel, in dmesg see em28xx, but kaffeine told me that there isn't
> any DVB interface.

`em28xx' devices are a strange situation.  There exists the
in-kernel drivers, and there exists an out-of-kernel set of
drivers which may have better support for this device.

Perhaps you may have better luck with the drivers which can
be found at mcentral.de .  The author of these drivers can
be found lurking on this list, but there is also a dedicated
mailing list for this driver, and posting to this list
requires you to be a subscriber (though non-subscriber posts
can make it to the list).

In any case, check out what is available at mcentral.de .
It is not as convenient as what may be provided, and in an
ideal world, your OS will provide working drivers for your
device, but this is some time off...

barry bouwsma

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