[linux-dvb] getting started with msi tv card

Daniel Dalton d.dalton at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 27 12:07:10 CET 2009

Hi Barry,

Sorry about the delay, I was out of town for a few days.

> I seem to recall that in Australia, use is made of an MHEG
> service.  I don't know if a regular teletext service is
> available -- you will see this in the results, when you have
> a tuner capable of scanning.

I look forward to finding out... :-)

> trivially converted to braille or spoken.  I'm not sure about

Braille..., what format do they originate in? Is it tv signal, or some
kind of text guide or something?

> the MHEG services, as they seem to place more importance on
> the on-screen appearance, yet they do use a TrueType font.
> Anyway, while conventional teletext is not simple ASCII-like,
> it is based on a hamming of a limited character set which can
> be converted back to a standard 128- or 256-character set
> font, and of course the normal characters can be displayed as
> braille.

oh... ok

> Now, here is an example of some of the useful information
> to be found on a full teletext service, to show that, if it
> were available to you, you might find it interesting.  This
> is a page giving inter-bank exchange rates from the Euro to
> your own currency, and is meant as an example (it's in german,
> but should be trivial to understand)
>                     /GIP  IG*** PHOENIX Mi 21.01.09 18:01:45
>                          PHOENIX.text                   2/2
>                          Devisenkurse
>                      Letzte Datenabfrage        Diff.  Kurs-
>                      21.01.09, 18:00 Uhr        Vortag zeit
>                      USA....... (USD)   1,2857  -0,20% 17:59
>                      GB........ (GBP)   0,9369  +0,94% 17:59
>                      Schweiz... (CHF)   1,4767  -0,13% 17:59
>                      Japan..... (JPY) 112,9800  -2,35% 17:59
>                      Kanada.... (CAD)   1,6365  +0,37% 17:59
>                      Südafrika. (ZAR)  13,0970  -1,05% 17:50
>                      Hongkong.. (HKD)   9,9990  +0,07% 17:49

Thanks, that looks interesting, so does it all depend on what service is
available here in Australia?
> However, my point is that if this type of service is broadcast
> in your area, you may find it interesting and useful, as you
> would be able to make use of the text content within.

Indeed, thanks very much.



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