[linux-dvb] getting started with msi tv card

Daniel Dalton d.dalton at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 27 12:40:45 CET 2009

Hi Barry,

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 01:41:41AM +0100, BOUWSMA Barry wrote:

> Basically, this all means that your tuner sees something,
> but it can't quite lock onto it.


> > Am I better getting a new card? I got this a couple of years ago when I
> > was on windows, and never used it, so yeh I don't have the original
> > aerial that came with it or the original disks...
> As Antti has suggested, you may have better luck with a
> new different card.

Alright then.

> As an offside, supposedly the linux-dvb mailing list has
> been abandoned by every developer, and only a few DVB-freak
> luddites remain, and in theory, by posting this to the
> linux-media list I should magically reach thousands of
> developers who can fix the support for your card.  Riiiight.
> For these developers, seeing this for the first time, the
> history behind this thread, including details about the
> card being discussed, are safely archived on the linux-dvb
> mailing list over the past three-or-so days.


> > I'm connecting it to a co-axle point in my home; I lost the original
> > antenna.
> > I'm reasonably sure that point should work fine.
> I will take your word for it; you are welcome to still
> have doubts.  However, if others in your home are able
> to tune digital TV signals, then that pretty much
> points to your device as having problems.


> In place of the original antenna, you can try a short
> length of wire, say, 5cm long for the UHF frequency, to
> about half a metre for the other frequencies.  This will,

What kind of wire? Ear phone? and how do I hook this up to the receiver
since it has a co-axle input plug on it.

> I have worried that what I write might not work when
> converted to speech.  Probably I should not worry, but
> be certain that I do not attempt any ASCII graphics that
> depend on sight, and of a whole screen.  If, by mistake,
> I have done this, please give me the slap I deserve...

Nup, you've done a great job. When using mutt and brltty with my braille
terminal, I've never come across anything I couldn't read (yet:-)) And
that's been over a year.

> Availability seems to depend a lot on geographic
> region, so you are going to want to hear from someone
> also in Australia who can offer suggestions.

I'm probably going to buy off ebay.

> this far, GET A LIFE!!1!  I mean, sorry, here is some

lol :-)

thanks very much Barry, that information is very useful indeed.

Have a good one


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