[linux-dvb] HVR-1700 No channels found - signal locked

ldone at hubstar.net ldone at hubstar.net
Wed Jul 1 13:33:42 CEST 2009


I'm having problems getting the HVR-1700 working. It seems to be
supported, but I can't get the DVB-T channels to be detected.

I'll try to summarise.

OS is SUSE 11.1
Kernel is
X86_64 platform.

I have tried both the latest v4l code and the default code.

System has had the following
PVR-150 - works fine
HVR-1300 - worked fine in either Analogue OR digital mode. Could not
switch back to digital once Analogue started. Channels not found. Signal
found just no channels. Fine if I use just digital mode.
Hauppauge Nova DVB-S plus - Works fine
Pinnacle PCIe Dual Hybrid Pro - no drivers
Hauppauge Nova T-Stick - works fine

Hauppauge PCIe HVR-1700 no channels found.

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