[linux-dvb] some technical help please!!!

Diego Pérez Hernández diegicweb at yahoo.es
Mon Jul 20 16:33:16 CEST 2009

Hello linux-dvb friends!

I'm a spanish programmer, working now with Eclipse C/C++ and a tuner card (AVerTV DVB-T Volar).

I'm using the functions described in DVB-API version 3 which I downloaded, and several obstacles are appearing while programming software which manages the mentioned card.

In particular I have problems with the function ioctl, in particular with its cases FE_GET_EVENT and SET_FRONTEND (they return error value, -1, while in other cases like READ_SNR, READ_BER, etc, everything works).

I'm sure that my call to the functions (and the rest of the code) is alright but I never get the event, although the signal in my laboratory is more than enough.

I have tried everything I could imagine and now I'm bogged down.
Have any of you worked in the same conditions? I would be very pleased to receive any help, suggestions, advice, whatever...

Thank you very much!!


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