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Paul Guzowski guzowskip at linuxmail.org
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  Not sure if it will meet your needs, but I am using a Pinnacle HDTV
  Pro USB stick to watch television signals supplied by my cable
  company's set top box.  To do so, I'm using MPlayer running on Ubuntu
  Jaunty.  Pinnacle's PCTV business was sold to Hauppage but the stick
  (or  the Hauppage equivalent) is still available and quite
  inexpensive (less than $50?).  If this might work for you, I can pass
  you more details via separate correspondence.

  Paul in NW Florida

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  From: Alexander Saers
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  I'm looking for recommendation on external DVB-C devices. I'm planing
  building a small system and need something that is none-pci. Some
  month ago
  i bought a Terratec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD card with the hope that a
  should soon be released. It never did. So is there anybody that has a
  working dvb-c solution (preferable working with ubuntu kernel, but
  that is
  not a requirement).

  Alexander Saers
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