[linux-dvb] Any takers?

GJB kiwigb at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 7 11:28:59 CEST 2009

I've waited six months for a reply on this one,


nada, so I'm guessing no one wants to take it on or knows anything about it?

I've worked with Toshiba gear (18 years) and linux (15 years) i.e. most my computing life .... this is going to be a turning point. I can't believe Toshiba has put their name on such an absolute crap piece of hardware/firmware/software package. I can only conclude that it is symptomatic of the health of Toshiba electronics, I'm going to avoid Toshiba products and recommending them in a professional capacity (as a systems engineer) as I have done in the past.

Linux-TV is not really the venue for such a rant but just one more outlet that I'll be trying to turn people off Toshiba, they are going downhill, it is clear. They used to be solid and reliable to a fault, but their products have been getting progressively more flakey (and shiny and flimsy too I noticed, too many marketing types, not enough engineers I suspect.)


Greg B.


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