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lars ouff god_frukt at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 5 19:04:05 CET 2009

Hello, I am looking into the possibility of porting or writing a simple
driver for the DVB-T part of the SAA7135 chip. I am merely doing some
research for an eventual long-term hobby programming project.
I have
a little programming experience but have friends that are more
experienced that will help. The driver will be for the AmigaOS4
platform (PowerPC).

The reason I'm mailing this list is to maybe get some help with where
to start and what is needed. I read in the PDF for the chip that there
is an SDK available for 3rd parties, is this freely available online?
(I've mailed Gigabyte about it but don't expect swift response).

I also read something about an alternative API for non Win systems.
devs told me that writing a new driver will be the thing to do and not
try to port a linux driver, comments? I'm asuming there is a ppc-linux
driver? I've read some threads about the support for this chip in the
linux world and it seems good. For decoding in AmigaOS4 we have ffmpeg
and libfaad.
Samle gjengen - Windows Live Grupper.
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