[linux-dvb] ASUS My Cinema U3100 Mini DMB-TH - Getting them into v4l-dvb

Alan Knowles mailinglist at akbkhome.com
Sun Mar 15 17:11:49 CET 2009

What's the process of getting drivers into v4l-dvb

I've fixed up most of the code that ASUS gave us for the ASUS My Cinema 
U3100 Mini DMB-TH, (it's a Hong Kong / China standard)

At present the code is kludgly overwritten into the dib3000mc.c code, I 
could do with some help/advice on moving it to it's own files, and any 
other tidy ups (like support for signal strength etc.)

The changed/addtional files are available here:


Anyway - mail me if you need help building the current set.


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