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Fri Mar 27 16:17:27 CET 2009

time the driver changes tuning frequency, it then calls "get" to
verify the change;  this works for everybody, but in my logs you can
see that frequency is _always_ = 0. Whatever the driver sets, the 0
doesn't change. The same goes for "bandwidth", it never changes from
the default value of 10000000. Example:

NOT OK (my S2API mantis):
stb6100_set_bandwidth: Bandwidth=51610000 <- request
stb6100_get_bandwidth: Bandwidth=10000000 <- no change
stb6100_get_bandwidth: Bandwidth=10000000
stb6100_set_frequency: Frequency=1951500 <- request
stb6100_get_frequency: Frequency=0 <- no change!

OK (my multiproto mantis):
stb6100_set_bandwidth: Bandwidth=48475000 <- request
stb6100_get_bandwidth: Bandwidth=48000000 <- changed
stb6100_set_frequency: Frequency=1925000 <- request
stb6100_get_frequency: Frequency=1925015 <- changed

Otherwise, I think you're right, I'm also confident that the driver
talks with the HW, but the crucial communication - tuning, locking,
etc. - doesn't get through. I have no idea why. Perhaps with your info
I'll be able to find the difference and port the necessary code from
multiproto to S2API. I think that's my only chance.

Best regards,
David Lister

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