[linux-dvb] What is the status of the driver TT CT-3650

Jens Kjellerup jens at kjellerup-hansen.dk
Mon Nov 9 17:20:56 CET 2009

I have an CT-3650 CI that I would like to use on my mythtv because i  
thibk it is a smart combination of funktionlity. The thing i am  
interrested is the dvb-t and the Ci part.

Unfortunately this is the parts that is not working under linux :-(

I am still hoping that somebody would find a way to get it working. I  
am not a programmer/developer but i could contribute by testing and  


Citat af Hanno Zulla <abos at hanno.de>:

> Hi,
>> Anyone know how to get this working or this card is in a working state
>> under linux. Because if it not working yet I will stop wasting my time
> Second that request. Is anybody working on a driver for this device? Is
> it worth waiting?
> Technotrend DVB products have been good for me in the past and this
> combination of DVB-C with CI is something well suited for my next vdr
> hardware setup.
> Thanks,
> Hanno
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