[linux-dvb] Elgato eyeTV DTT Deluxe 2009

Anders falconix at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 23:01:29 CET 2009

I have just bought an Elgato eyeTV DTT Deluxe 2009 usb dongle, and I knew
that there is no support for it from linuxtv when i bought it.

This is where I am, i don't know wich hardware it is in it and don't want to
open it because it seems imposible without destroy anything.
Just in case if it was running the same hardware as Elgato eyeTV DTT Deluxe
i tried to just change the USB device id in the dvb-usb-ids.h with no sucess
when i run lsusb i still only sees its ID with out any name. So they doesn't
seems to be compatible with each other.

I have started a wikipage
where i gather information, so is there something more i can do to get more
information about my dongle?
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