[linux-dvb] Dump from dvr0 at constant rate even on no-signal

Andrea Assorgia assorgia at acagliari.it
Fri Sep 4 12:03:08 CEST 2009

Hello to all

I'm dumping a dvb-t stream from dvr0 using tzap -r

The problem is that in case of temporary signal loss the stream outputs 
no data, producing recordings slightly shorter  then one would expect.   
For example, if I dump the stream for half an hour, and during that 
time, some signal loss occur for a total of 10 seconds I get an mpeg of 
1790 secs instead of 1800.

Is there a way to tell tzap (or some other mean of dumping from dvb-t) 
to stream blank frames instead of handing no data at all in case of 
signal loss?

I've been trying to use ffmpeg to mux the stream with a local (and thus 
more stable) silent audio track, but with poor results. Do you think 
this is the right way and deserve some more investingation?

Has anyone had the same problem and solved it?

Thanks for your replies.

Andrea Assorgia

Andrea Assorgia

email: assorgia at acagliari.it
mob: +39 328 7544769

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