[linux-dvb] Best USB or PCMCIA DVB card for linux users ?

Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 16 17:00:37 CEST 2009

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> Subject: Re: [linux-dvb] Best USB or PCMCIA DVB card for linux users ?
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> Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 4:34 PM
> Hello Dehqan,
> On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 12:42:38AM +0430, a dehqan wrote:
> > In The Name Of God
> > 
> > I'll be thankful if you guide ;
> > What is The best USB or PCMCIA DVB card for linux
> users ?
> In the name of the flying spaghetti monster.
> You chances of getting a usefull reply would be greatly
> improved if you stated some more information. Like the 
> kind of DVB you are talking about.
> Is it DVB-S(2)/C/T or ATCS ?

He's asking for DVB-T advice

> Are you sure you are looking for a PCMCIA (rather
> PC-Card/CadBus) 
> card?
> If your notebook is very new than you probably already 
> have ExpressCard slots instead of PC-Card.

He's asking for USB or PCMCIA - the point is good mentioning the new express standard

I would ask him how much he's ready to pay.

I was using one HVR900 (Haupauge but won't recommend it)

Now I'm using one Terratec T USB XXS

It's much better then the HVR900 one
+ it's supported 
+ it's smaller
+ costs in Austria about 38€
+ has remote control (also working)

- it's not in the main kernel code - as far as I understood it will be supported in 2.6.32 line
- it is sold with different prod IDs 0078 00ab which makes it necessary to touch the v4l-dvb code



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