[linux-dvb] Linuxtv wiki needs email notification/more email-ready users

H. Langos henrik-dvb at prak.org
Fri Sep 18 10:09:41 CEST 2009

Hi there,

after a while I decided to come back to the linuxtv wiki to finish
organizing the bazillion dvb-t usb devices in a way that helps 
a) normal users to find out if a certain device is supported and 
b) developers to update information on the drivers they manage.

Some preview of this can be seen on my playground page:

As this is a more complicated way of storing the information than just plain
tables, I'd like to keep an eye on changes. Not because of fear of
vandalisim but because changes to the templates/date potentially have 
effects on a lot of pages.

There are some people who day by day put a lot of effort and work into the 
wiki and I'd like to thank them all for their continuing effort. I myself 
have only occasionaly time to update information there and I miss a lot
of changes, even to the pages I watch, because the "watchlist" and "recent
cahnges" reaches only seven days back. Manually going through the pages on 
my watchlist (currently 57) is not what I'd call good use of resources.

It would be great if it was possible to get (immediate/daily/weekly?) change
notifications by email in order not to lose track of what is happening to
the pages that I care about. (I bet this is standard functionality of
mediawiki or at least one of the more common extentions.)

Also I'd like to encourage new and existing users to add their email address 
to their profile AND to check the "Enable e-mail from other users" box.
Maybe we could change the default to enable that box?
That way it is possible to ask for missing details if somebody adds a new
device, or to send hints if somebody writes in an article that a certain
device doesn't work. Or to simply write a short note when removing some
information like "Hey dude, I just removed some information that you added 
to article X because it is already contained in article Y. Instead I've 
added a link to Y. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!..."

Also developers could ask people who are interested in a device's driver to 
check out a new version as soon as it is ready. 

All in all it would improve the user experience and the quality of information 
on the wiki as feedback would not have to go through the "discussion" pages. 

I went that way when talking to some other wiki admins about my efforts to 
unify the usb dvb-t data and the experience shows that wiki's are not a 
good medium for serious discussions.


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