[linux-dvb] patch for lifeview hybrid mini

tomlohave at gmail.com tomlohave at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 08:35:39 CEST 2010

Le 24/08/2010 01:49, hermann pitton a écrit :
> Hello Thomas,
Hi hermann
> the assumption is good then.
> Latest revisions of the Lifeview cards do switch to radio mode with
> gpio21 high and let it low for TV. (it was the other way round
> previously)
> I was just wondering, if it might have radio support at all, since
> gpio21 is not set in the m$ gpio mask and you say it does not come with
> radio software.
> The gpio18 and 16 can trigger IRQs and are usually in use on such
> remotes for the button up/down signal and related IRQ sampling.
> All saa7133/35/31e with tda8275ac and radio IF support use a special
> 7.5MHz ceramic filter, usually a huge well visible part in blue or
> orange color, but on latest designs they are hard to identify, since
> they might appear as SMD discrets now too.
it's hard to look because the card is covered by a metal plate
and we don't want to break it.
> The switch to this filter is often related to a an antenna connector RF
> input switch triggered by the same gpio, but not necessarily. All sort
> of combinations do exist.
good news :(
> Anyway, we demodulate the radio IF from such tuners on the
> saa7133/35/31e on the saa chip and do also the stereo separation and
> detection there. Hartmut added the needed code in saa7134-tvaudio and it
> is valid for all tuner=54.
> To achieve that, you need to use amux = TV for radio and likely also
> some gpio is involved for the RF routing.
Will look at this.
Many thanks.
> Cheers,
> Hermann

Best regards,


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