[linux-dvb] soft demux device

Roland Mieslinger rmie at gmx.de
Wed Feb 24 17:24:39 CET 2010


> I have just compiled v4l-dvb successfully. My aim is to develop some experimental dvb applications on top of this dvb kernel api. Initially, I do not want to use any hardware and would like to play with the recorded ts files I have. So, is there any software demux device available within this package or somewhere else? If so, how can I load this device and make it work on a given ts file circularly? On the other hand, I have no /dev/dvb node  at the moment, so should I do anything for this or would loading the driver create it automatically?
> Thanks in advance.
> Cheers,
> Ozgur.

maybe this is a good starting point for you:

 "I wrote a Linux kernel module which provides one or more 
  virtual DVB adapters. When loaded, it creates a char device 
  of the form /dev/dvbloop<num> for every virtual DVB adapter.
  All Transport Stream packets written to a char device will
  be delivered on the corresponding virtual DVB adapter.

  You can get the sources at

  Maybe somebody finds it useful.

  Christian Praehauser"

the link seems to be outdated, but the following is still
working https://svn.baycom.de/repos/dvbloop/.

A S2API patch is out as well:

I've no idea if this is working well or not, I'm not using it myself.


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