[linux-dvb] Initial Scan Data for DVB channel scan, How to get Initial DVB Scan data

dvbfreaky 007 dvbfreaky007 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 11:22:00 CET 2010

Hi ,
Can anyone share the information, regarding "How initial scan data will

from "dvb-apps->utils->scan",
to scan for channels, i executed following command
"./scan dvb-s/InSat4B-80.5E"

content of InSat4B-80.5E,
1 # Insat 4B-80.5E
2 # freq pol sr fec
3 S 1000 V 27500000 AUTO
4 S 10234234 V 27500000 AUTO
5 S 11232300 V 27500000 AUTO
6 S 11213343 V 27500000 AUTO
7 S 10990000 V 27500000 AUTO

My question is,
who will populate this information and from where they will populate this
Is there any standard transponders frequency list.


we must follow this , for tuning?

Is there any tool, which doesnt required any initial data for scanning dvb

please let me know,
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