[linux-dvb] Looking for original source of an old DVB tree

Chris Moore moore at free.fr
Sun Jan 24 09:00:20 CET 2010


Short version:
I am looking for the original source code of a Linux DVB tree containing 
in particular
and the directory

Googling for microtune_mt2060.c and mt2060_api is no help.
Could anyone kindly point me in the right direction, please?

Longer version:
I am trying to get my USB DVB-T stick running on my Xtreamer.
Xtreamer uses an old kernel heavily modified by Realtek and 
possibly also modified by MIPS.
I have the source code but it would be a tremendous effort to change to 
a recent kernel.
The DVB subtree seems to have been dirtily hacked by Realtek to support 
their frontends.
In the process they seem to have lost support for other frontends.
I have been trying to find the source code for the original version.
I have fould nothing resembling it in kernel.org, linux-mips.org and 



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