[linux-dvb] Channel scan with AverTV Digi Volar X DVB-T

Ungue ungue79 at yahoo.es
Tue Jan 26 10:49:39 CET 2010


I've bought an AverTV Digi Volar X DVB-T capturer 2 days ago.
This usb card woks fine in ubuntu karmic with the player Kaffeine.
But I've got an extrange problem with the channel scan. It only is capable to get a little subset of channels which are in lower frequencies, however I tried to do a channel scan on MS Windows and It detects a lot of channels (in higher frequencies too).

The firmware version I'm using is 4.95.0 (the latest)

What could be the reason of that difference between Windows an my Ubuntu?
How could I improve the channel scan or the sensitiveness of my card?

Thanks in advance.

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