[linux-dvb] Strange Problem with Antti's af9015 driver on gentoo 2.6.30-r5

Andreas Witte andreaz at t-online.de
Fri Jul 9 21:13:03 CEST 2010

Hello TV-Friends,


today i checked out Antti's last af9015 (af9013) driver and encountered a
strange problem

on my gentoo 2.6.30-r5 box. If i install this driver, udev (149) start to
behave strange and 

take a long time to finish. When it comes to set to utf8 the whole box hang
without any

chance to do anything. I need to erase all the modules in the
/lib/modules/./media -tree 

(chroot from a boot-cd) to make it boot again. With the driver from around
May all seems 

to work (except that weird bug with not getting a lock anymore sometimes on
my digivox-stick).


I wonder what changed in the meantime and what i missed on my gentoo-box to

it work..? Am i need a more recent kernel? More recent udev-version?


Any help would be nice, cause i would love to test the last change of that
driver and all

your wonderful work.


Thanks in advance,


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