[linux-dvb] Adding Analog support to Mygica X8558.

Sunil Khiatani sunil at khiatani.ath.cx
Wed Jul 28 04:19:50 CEST 2010


I would like to try to add support to the mygica X8558. Digital TV is  
already supported for this hardware in the linux kernel but analog  
support isn't.  I haven't done kernel development before but the  
chipset it contains, cx23885, seems to be widely supported.

I'm having trouble deciding whether it is possible to enable analog  
support on this card.  It seems that there are two tuners for digital  
tv, but only one cx23885.  Will it be possible to support two analog  
tuners as well? What information should I try to obtain to help answer  
this question so I can start coding for it asap



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