[linux-dvb] Terratec Cinergy Piranha tuning (again)

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 19:14:31 CEST 2010

On Mon (Monday) 07.Jun (June) 2010, 10:30,  Erich N. Pekarek wrote:

> my DVB-T Stick, that formerly worked fine under previous kernel versions now
> does not tune to any channel unter 2.6.32+.

Sorry for the delay, but I've been trying to recover from a USB
system disk that's finally become uselessly corrupted.

Thanks for pointing this out -- I can verify that I see a similar
problem with a particular 2.6.34-rc2 that I've just built to try
and get other things working again.

> Symptoms: Stick gets recognized, firmware gets loaded, frontend gets loaded.

I see something a bit different --
[62890.938154] usb 4-2.1: firmware: requesting dvbt_bda_stellar_usb.inp
[62894.338892] usbcore: registered new interface driver smsusb
[62894.467939] usb 4-2.1: USB disconnect, address 4
[62896.753324] usb 4-2.1: New USB device found, idVendor=187f, idProduct=0100

That is, no frontend gets loaded for me.  So, no tuning.  The
other two devices attached at the moment both work properly.

I'll try to build the very latest -git kernel on this machine
and if nothing's horribly broken, see if there's any change, as
well as see if I can figure out what's gone wrong.  Not as Real
Soon Now[tm] as it should be, but slow machine and slow me.

Plus I'll have to see what changes I need to get the DAB support
from Siano working properly, as I hadn't done that yet with the
2.6.34-rc2 kernel.

barry bouwsma

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