[linux-dvb] TeVii S470 in mythtv - diseqc problems

O&M Ugarcina mo.ucina at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 14:08:22 CEST 2010

Hello Guys,

Just installed a S470 into my mythbox , fedora 12 kernel . Myth is .23 the most recent fedora package 
, the drivers for dvb card I have at the moment were pulled in 
2010-04-01 . I assume they are pretty current . The problem that I have 
is as follows :
Most of my viewing is done on a Satellite connected to diseqc port 2 , 
and myth tunes into that with no probs at all , but occasionally I try 
to watch a channel that is on a second satellite - port 1 and here 
things fail . Myth tries to tune into the channel - then times out with 
error , during this the dvb driver crashes , and when I try to retune 
again with myth there is no lock on either satellite  . So I need to 
restart pc , then everything comes back on port 2 and myth is able to 
tune again channels within that first satellite . Any one else 
experienced diseqc issues with this card and myth ?

Second question what is the tool of choice to use to scan dvbs2 
satellites ? I tried dvbscan but it only picked up dvbs transponders , 
on dvbs2 it failed to tune . I saw that there used to be this utillity 
scan-s2 , but looks like it was abandoned a couple of years ago and has 
not been maintained since . So how do you guys do a transponder scan for 
dvbs2 ?

Best Regards


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