[linux-dvb] dvb,amd64,kernel2.6.35.5, circles

sibu xolo sibxol at btconnect.com
Wed Oct 6 01:05:33 CEST 2010


I am attempting to install dvbT on a computer with  these:-

-----------cpu -amd64 2 cores
-----------o/s 64-bit cblfs linux kernel- Xoorg7.5 KDE-4.4.5
-----------udev:-161  dvbT devices described below

I have two dvbT devices avermedia-dbvT-usb2 (DEVICE1) and Hauppauge wintv 
NovatT-usb2(DEVICE2).  I am not a total novice at installing dvb on linux 
(cblfs  (compile all from scratch).  I  have done so in the past on 

--kernels 2.6.17/2.6.19
firmwares in /lib/firmware
AND Both worked  successfully.

For the present attempt(s) I have done the following:-

-----------A) I compiled the kernel  for in-kernel drivers/modern V4L-api/with  
DEVICE1 in situ. On booting -  I obtained  /dev/dvb/adapter0.  Eureka I 
thought.  I then  tried booting with DEVICE2 and  the machine dwelled   then 
reported that firmware file could not be found.  I  Then rebooted with DEVICE1 
only to  be met with the same message.  I surmised that perhaps I should use 
the older api  marked depreciated as 
DECICEs{1/2} are ~6 years old.

----------B)So I recompiled the kernel  with both devices attached  selecting 
v4l- depreciated  and compiled all as modules.  After kernel installation   
DEVICES{1/2} registered as /dev/dvb/adapter{0/1). 
Hurray  at last. I removed the device did something else and rebooted the 
machine. with one device. On booting  I obntained the  'cant find firmware 
error as reported   under A).  I tried the other device  and obtained the same 

I recall a  while back when DVB  drivers were not in the kernel.   Then they  
were  integrated within  thus requiring only a kernel compilation.  I came 
across the somewhat  ubuntified  wiki
( http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/How_to_Obtain,_Build_and_Install_V4L-
DVB_Device_Drivers )*
(which seems  to suggest the old method    is now needed  although as far as I 
can see these are in the kernel sources.

I would be most grateful if someone on list could explain what is going on 
please and  guidance on installing dvb on   the setup describe above.  

* ps you need to copy all of this ()* to your brrowser window

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