[linux-dvb] TeVii S470 periodically fails to tune/lock - needs poweroff

O&M Ugarcina mo.ucina at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 10:42:41 CEST 2010

  Hello Guys,

I have been using my TeVii S470 DVBS2 card for about one month . I am 
using it with mythtv on fedora 12 using latest kernel , and compiled the 
latest v4l drivers . The sensitivity and picture is very good both on 
dvbs and dvbs2 transponders , very happy with that . However several 
times already when trying to watch live tv on myth the channel failed to 
tune . Usually happens in the morning after box was running 24x7 for a 
few days . The only way to restore functionality is to do a power off 
and wait a couple of mins then power on . If I just do a reboot , this 
does not help . Strange thing is that I see nothing unusual in the 
mythtv logs or dmesg/messages log . When the card is in this no-lock 
state , it will not tune into any transponder even when I run scandvb . 
After power reset everything works again for a few more days . Any info 
welcome .

Best Regards


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