[linux-dvb] DVICO HDTV Dual Express2

Nicholas Leahy silvercordiagsr at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 4 06:43:34 CEST 2011


I purchased a DVICO HDTV Dual Express2 http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DViCO_FusionHDTV_DVB-T_Dual_Express2

The card has a CONEXANT CX23885-152 & DiBcom 7070PB1-AXGXba-G-b Tuners

I have been modifying the V4l-DVB code (cx23885-dvb.c, cx23885-cards.c &cx23885.h) based on the DVICO HDTV Dual Express to try and get the card to work.
But I am having trouble with the 7070PB1-AXGXba-G-b tuners that I am trying to base on the FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4 (cxusb.c).

I can get Modprobe to load the 2 tuners, but DVBSCAN says the frontend is not loaded

Any help would be appreciated

Cheers Nick

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