[linux-dvb] Elgato eyetv hybrid (0df9:0018)

Eddie Lania eddie at lania.nl
Tue Jun 21 17:25:02 CEST 2011


Since a while i am the proud owner of an Elgato Eyetb Hybrid usb tv
tuner stick.

I tried to get my device, an Elgato eyetev hybrid, to work using the
latest drivers from git but it doesn't work (yet).

Can somebody tell if this device (usb device 0df9:0018) is/will be

From what i found on the internet, the device's specs are:

Model: EU 2008
USB Contoller: Empia EM2884
Stereo A/V Decoder: Micronas AVF 49x08
Hybrid Channel Decoder: Micronas DRX-K DRX3926K:A1 0.9.0



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