[linux-dvb] Problem with saa7134: Asus Tiger revision 1.0, subsys 1043:4857

hermann-pitton at arcor.de hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Sun Mar 20 03:36:37 CET 2011

Hi Jason,

> Hi Hermann,
> > Hopefully it does help in that other case.

that one really counts now.

> I have it working now.  I had to add a delay of 120 seconds in the
> mythtv backend script to allow the driver enough time to scan both
> cards and install the firmware properly.  Previously the mythtv
> backend at startup was trying to talk to the cards before the firmware
> was loaded and so they'd fail to work.
> It's not a big hassle but it would seem in spite of a test in the
> startup script to ensure udev configuration was complete before
> mythbackend was loaded it would seem that udev device configuration

Sorry, no time yet to dig into it further, but I seem to hear some faint noise.

How sure you are to have original eeprom content on your card ?

Some bill, original packing material or similar?

On some first impression, l doubt we deal with something it claims to be.


> was completing before the firmware was loaded.
> Is there the possibility of adding some feature into the driver to
> make sure it fails on opening if the firmware isn't properly loaded?
> Another general question, does V4L sequentially initialise hardware or
> does it run in parallel?  It would seem to be a good time saver to
> have all DVB cards initialised in parallel to speed up booting of a
> system.
> I have reverted back to Mythbuntu 10.04 and kernel 2.6.32 and the
> cards work fine now (though with the latest v29 of the firmware for
> these cards).
> Cheers
> Jason

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