[linux-dvb] PATCH: Leadtek DTVb1800H require longer delay for tuner reset

Mirek Slugeň thunder.m at email.cz
Sun Mar 20 23:05:00 CET 2011


	I am using alot of tuners Leadtek DTV1800H under Linux, minimum 5 
devices per one PC with kernel I discovered bug which I can se 
very often but not always. When device tuner is reseted there is not 
enough time to do all needed stuff and sometimes (randomly) kernel show 
this message:

[  821.369647] cx88[0]/1: IRQ loop detected, disabling interrupts

Patch is again very simple, we need to adjust time in reset function 
after cx_clear and cx_set calls from 50 to 75 us. I tested this patch on 
4 PC with similar problems and all are without this issue.

M. Slugen
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