[linux-dvb] Help reading Muxing TS

sam k.s.sampathkumarr at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 13:08:00 CET 2011

*Dear Friend ,*

I am a professor , i want to do it for my research project for
students.partial please help me.

I want to Multiplex n number of TS using *mplex*, i got downloaded from *
mjpeg.sourceforge.ne*t and installed , how to mux continuously Real time.

Command :* iso13818ts <file1.ts> <file2.ts>.....<filen.ts> > Muxout.ts  *

the output "*muxout.ts*" not playing in al lvideo player but i can able to
play the video in *mplayer* by giving specific *ProgramID* of TS file.And
also i cant see any PID Values in *TSReader *and *Streamxpert* Software, i
think it has no SI table , how to generate the Mux out TS with SI table ,
which should play in all video player such as vlc player.

I can give *Remote login to my mux server* , do can you help me, i also
mailed to Oskar , author of *mplex* softweare but he was busy.

*Thank for reading mail*

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