[linux-dvb] PCR Error rectification on MP2TS using Mplex iso13818 or Replex

sam sakthisam at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 05:02:57 CEST 2012

*Hi all,

* i am using Opensource Multiplxer / Remultiplexer Software iso13818
specification , Name of the software is mplex (note: there are two mplex
most of them confusing i mean
  iso13818 , you can find this in linuxtv.org or else google it) now i
found pcr error after multiplexing mpeg 2 ts and data which is stored in
same place means i am not using ip encapsulator to transfer.So here is my
I want to find good solution for PCR Error Rectification in DVB
Multiplexing or Mpeg Multiplexing using mplex iso13818 can anyone support
for this or else irc chat service .*

*let me tell my scenario: i have h/w encoder which produce 4 TS and which
contain 8 programs , now my case is need to remux or mux or rejoin multiple
ts into single ts mp2ts,which tools can you suggest that too it should work
realtime ,remplex , mplex iso13818, opencaster else someother.?

if you want to see screenshot or else remote login for debug my issue ,i
can send , i hope you can help me out.thank you advance.waiting for reply.

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