[linux-dvb] dmb-th problem

Choi Wing Chan chanchoiwing at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 05:54:58 CEST 2012

i have two cards both of them are for dmb-th (mainly used in china and
hong kong). however, these two cards stop working after upgraded the
kernel to 3.3. sadly the drivers were writen by a person David Wong
who has been passed away. i traced the code and found a function
set_delivery_system which assign a value SYS_UNDEFINED in the
frontend's delivery_system.

i am not quite understand the logic below which is a segment of code
inside the function set_delivery_system
fe->ops.delsys[ncapes] = 13 (SYS_DMBTH)
and desired_system = 3 (SYS_DVBT)

		ncaps = 0;
		while (fe->ops.delsys[ncaps] && ncaps < MAX_DELSYS) {
			if (fe->ops.delsys[ncaps] == desired_system) {
				delsys = desired_system;
		// still not find anything
		if (delsys == SYS_UNDEFINED) {
			dprintk("%s() Couldn't find a delivery system that matches %d\n",
				__func__, desired_system);

after these codes, c->delivery_system is set to be SYS_UNDERFINED and
all function after failed.

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