[linux-dvb] FM radio with RTL8232u

Ludwig Meyerhoff ludwig at salviamo-il-consolato.de
Wed Aug 21 23:18:13 CEST 2013


Probably, this is not the right place to ask, but maybe this is a point 
where to start. I have spent this evening in making some internet 
research and did not find exhaustive information.

I wanted to play around with FM radio tuners, contiously scan for radio 
stations, check the SNR ...
The easiest way to get such a tuner was to buy a DVB-T stick which is 
advertised to support DVB-T, DAB/DAB+ and FM.
So, today I bought a "TerraTec Cinergy T Stick+" which runs a rtl8232 

After about one hour of research, I finally got DVB-T to run and was 
able to watch the TV programme. Basically, the hardware works.
The remaining evening I tried to figure out how to get FM radio to work 
with that USB stick.

It looks like if the rtl8232 driver does not support v4l/radio. If I 
wanted to use this, I should either use some SDR o make some extensions 
to the existing driver.

What I wanted to know: is the rtl8232 driver limited to the DVB-T use 
only? Should I use SDR for listening to FM music?



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