[vdr] no OSD provider available - using dummy OSD!

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Sat Apr 2 05:49:00 CEST 2005

Sorry if this is solved with a newer version, but i did not find a hint.
(I still run 1.3.18)

if found a very strange and "unnice" behavior of when trying to record 


After one hour of recording (in the background!) the TV screen
of the running replay(!) becomes black and the remote control does 
not work any more.
A reboot does not help.
That's reproducible!

Nearer investitgation shows, that for a few second "ARD" channel is displayed
and then the screen becomes black again.

/var/log/syslog fills  with

vdr[19538]: info: Channel not available!
vdr[19538]: ERROR: no OSD provider available - using dummy OSD!
vdr[19538]: switching to channel 4
vdr[19538]: info: Channel not available!

A cold reboot shows that VDR runs into "panic" and tries to do a restart of
itself a few second after it resumes the recording.

55:03 vdr[18461]: non blocking file reader thread started(pid=18461, tid=3375120)
03:01 vdr[12923]: ERROR: video data stream broken
03:01 vdr[12923]: initiating emergency exit
03:02 vdr[1659]: emergency exit requested - shutting down
03:02 vdr[12924]: recording thread ended (pid=12924, tid=3178513)
03:02 vdr[12923]: file writer thread ended (pid=12923,tid=3162126)
03:02 vdr[1659]: cTS2PES got 0 TS errors, 2 TS continuity errors
03:02 vdr[1659]: cTS2PES got 1 TS errors, 4 TS continuity errors
03:02 vdr[1659]: buffer stats: 65988 (1%) used
03:02 vdr[1659]: timer 114 (...) stop
03:02 vdr[18461]: non blocking file reader thread ended (pid=18461, tid=3375120)
03:02 vdr[18460]: dvbplayer thread ended (pid=18460,tid=3358733)
03:02 vdr[1659]: saved setup to /video0/setup.conf
03:02 vdr[1663]: tuner on device 1 thread ended (pid=1663, tid=16386)
03:21 vdr[19538]: VDR version 1.3.18 started
03:31 vdr[19538]: no free DVB device to record channel 108!

I assume the channel is alternating between encrypted and not
(without signaling it?).
VDR missinterprets the encryption as "data stream broken" :-(

I can reproduce the dying vdr simply by starting a recording on
that channel. (Remember: EPG data is present!)


Why is it still required that VDRs reaction is so hard?
I remember 4 years back: at that time it was OK, as too
many problems existed. But today?

Why can't VDR display a begign on screen message
"Videos data stream broken during recording, 
OK=restart, all other suspends recording for today?"
for say 5 minutes (If there were really a "stream broken", 
it would not matter if restarting now or in 5 minutes! The
recording is bad anyway. But would matter a lot if
the instant restart would break other recordings)!
Or just record the black screen as it was told by the user?


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