[vdr] VDR automatic channel update and recording annoyance.

Rantanen Teemu teemu.rantanen at tekla.com
Mon Apr 4 01:03:09 CEST 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> > I asked once already, but you gave no answer.
> Sorry, I had only very little time lately to go through the VDR ML

No prob

> Well, I can't quote a standard here, but I would say that plain
> common sense dictates that the PIDs should be set correctly
> (including language codes) _before_ a broadcast starts. After
> all, they're not likely to change right in the middle of a movie, are

I wouldn't expect them to change in the middle of a movie, but some
documentaries may have interviews and actual film footage in different
languages. I haven't yet recorded any that actually change languages in
the middle of a show, but just wondering if there is a limit what you
can and what you cannot change...

> But then again, most broadcasters don't even get the running
> status in sync with the actual broadcasts, so how can we expect
> the PIDs to be set at the right time. Seems to me like there are
> a few monkeys sitting at a switchboard, plugging in cables randomly
> and every once in a while hitting the right spot ;-) I always thought
> that in today's digital playout centers things would be completely

Yep, we have those here too :-)

But, this particular broadcaster seems to be top of the line. It's e.g.
the only one I know of that is using DVB subtitles... Also with a little
bit of syslog examination it looks like the event state is changed when
the program start (even after the programme introduction), at most a
second or two before (impossible to say more precisely as the data is
buffered inside vdr and dvb drivers).

When PMT_SCAN_TIMEOUT is set to the default 10 seconds there is a delay
between event change and a PID change, as Lauri Tischler noticed.

I changed the PMT_SCAN_TIMEOUT to 1. Now the delay is gone, and event
change and possible PID change happen at the same second (based on
syslog). My next recording from that broadcaster is only next Saturday
(that I know of having a gap every time), but based on the syslog now
and before I guess this would help.

And it doesn't seem to be taking any more CPU than before on my really
slow P2-350, but I only have a fraction of the number of channels you
may have in satellite (around 130 here in cable).


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