[vdr] Request: CAM warnings option

Mikko Salo mikko.salo at ppe.inet.fi
Tue Apr 5 21:38:55 CEST 2005


Sometimes when I switch channels I get error saying that I don't have
access to that channel, even when I actually have. That warning message
leaves to screen pretty annoying so that channel sees trough below so I
have to close it manually pressing Menu or Back button.

So what I really would like to have is an option to CICAM setup menu
where user can choose like "CAM messages: Show, Ignore, Hide 5s, Hide
10s, Hide 20s" (that last like an option to choose delay seconds after
warning message disappears automaticly)
Is this possible?

This is quite common error that I get and it got nothing to do with
VDR's behavior since I get also same messages with another Pace Xsat
DVB-C digibox.


ps: I forget to mention that my earlier DD2.0/DD5.1 problems are all
gone with vdr-1.3.23. From vdr-1.3.18 to vdr-1.3.22 DD2.0 didn't work at
all, now everytime! Nice work! :) 

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