[vdr] DVD plugin problems

tho68 at ssisrl.com tho68 at ssisrl.com
Mon Apr 11 17:09:27 CEST 2005


I have some problem when playing DVD encoded at 50 field x second
( Interlace coded ), I get bad audio and video.
I' am using vdr 1.3.12 and plugin version 3.0.5b01.
I tryed version 3.0.5.b06 and it play a little better : video seeems to be good, but audio
has a remarkable echo effect.
I saw the difference in version 3.0.5b06 is only the use of a forbidden
code when sending lpcm packet ( referred to this kind of problem ) .

If I disable audio play ( with a trick in the code ) video flow fine.

Can someone give me hint to let this dvd be played in some way.

I tried vdr 1.3.20 and dvd plugin 1.3.6b02, but at this time I can't get
any audio ( It was the first time I installed e VDR > 1.3.12 )

Thanks Angelo

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